Shade Study


The design of the sun shade was driven from the initial light studies we did two weeks ago.  By taking a simple grid structure, I was able to manipulate the form dependent on the filtering of light and foster a sense of movement in a static object.  I modeled the sun shade in Rhino which allowed for flexibility in form structure and brought it back into Revit to test the shadow studies.  From our discussions as a class, I knew the vertical and horizontal elements were needed to block the western sun.  I wanted this shade to read as one dynamic element that transformed across the single window.  The first two images are of the 3D model in Rhino and the rest are of the combined models in Revit.  By setting the location to Portland, OR and setting the sun to late afternoon in August, I was able to test the worst indoor conditions of the office space.  The designed shade covers most of the widow area in this realm of testing, but I was not able to model fully in Ecotect to calculate the thermal analysis.  I am hoping with more practice, I will be able to learn the complexities of the program; I think it will be a great tool for further studies. 


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